Stockhausen / Snétberger / Andersen / Héral «Joyosa»

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Markus Stockhausen, trumpet, flugelhorn – Ferenc Snétberger, classical guitar – Arild Andersen, bass – Patrice Héral, drums, percussion. In 1997 Markus Stockhausen and Arild Andersen started to work as a duo. A year later, they went on as a trio with Patrice Héral. In 1999 Ferenc Snétberger and Markus Stockhausen also formed a duo that was successfully presented on the album «For My People». Later Ferenc also played duo concerts with Patrice in Hungary. Because of the friendly connections between all of them, these four musicians decided to found a quartet in...

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Stockhausen / Andersen / Rypdal / Héral «Karta»

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Markus Stockhausen, Arild Andersen, Terje Rypdal and Patrice Héral. «Karta» is a Sanskrit word meaning «higher power». For Markus Stockhausen, in the present context, it signals a music greater than the sum of its parts: «The outcome of this recording took us all by surprise,» he says. The participants had never previously played as a quartet, yet some of them share a lot of history. In the case of Arild Andersen and Terje Rypdal, that history goes back more than 30 years. Other inter-relationships are of more recent vintage… In 1996, German...

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