Concerts August/ September 2018

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15/8  Sanremo jazzfestival  .
Arild Andersen Quartet feat .Tommy Smith ,Paolo Vinaccia ,Makoto Ozone

18/8   Oslo jazzfestival .
Solo Sentralen 18:00

25/8   Grepperud Gård ,Bjørkelangen
with Helge Lien,Marius Neset, Håkon Mjåset Johansen

5/9.    Josefine Vertshus,Oslo  .
Duo Kirsten Bråten Berg ,Arild Andersen

12/9   Røverstaden, Oslo
Arild Andersen trio  with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia

13+14+15 /9   Montmartre Jazzhouse , Copenhagen .
Arild Andersen trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia.



Press Reaction In -House Science

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Press clip In-House Science


Down Beat 

Few trios even after a decade together ,can build musical landscapes this dramatic and richly detailed

 Andy Herman

Jazz Times

It is hard to think of a jazz ensemble that waste fewer notes than bassist Arild Andersen´s trio .

Even at its most passionate , this music reveals structure,focus and clarity.

Thomas Conrad


They have built up both learned and intuitive responses to each others’ playing, usually called ’empathy’, a vital ingredient for the essence of jazz to flourish by inspiring confidence and risk-taking.

Stuart Nicholson

All about Jazz

 In-House Science is the best of this trio to date.

Karl Ackerman

Sea of Tranquility

ECM Records has a track record that is proven and consistent, but In-House Science is an absolute corker of a live album from a trio at the height of their powers, giving the label one of I’m sure to be many must-hear jazz releases they will release in 2018. Don’t miss this one

Pete Pardo

Jazz Views

As a trio, each player is able to switch between solo and support roles, almost in the same bar and this stepping forward into the spotlight and back to support their fellow players is so seamless and spontaneous that it can be easy to miss the complexity in the compositions that give the space for this to occur.  Each of the pieces demonstrates an awareness of jazz history but also point out the path that future generations will be taking.

Chris Baber

Spotify   In-House Science

Video.   Inhouse /Outhouse.      North Of the North wind  ( edited Version )

Arild Andersen Trio with Guest Makoto Ozone

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Japan Concerts Spring 2018
Blue Note ,Tokyo  March 18+30 .
Nagoya Blue Note March 31
Motion Blue Yokohama April 1

Arild Andersen Quartet feat Makoto Ozone

Molde jazzfestival 2017. Pat Metheny Trio

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Pat Metheny , Gard Nilssen ,Arild Andersen