Arild Andersen Trio with Guest Makoto Ozone

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Japan Concerts Spring 2018 Blue Note ,Tokyo  March 18+30 . Nagoya Blue Note March 31 Motion Blue Yokohama April 1

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AA Quintet in Münster

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We had a great evening at Theater Münster last Sunday (06/01/14) with the Quintet. Fantastic venue and audience. Münsersche Zeitung Erster unter Gleichen Mit dem Auftritt des norwegischen Bassisten Arild Andersen und seiner Band öffnet sich das Klangspektrum auf Superbreitwandformat. Andersen eröffnet das Set mit lang gezogenen, kräftigen Basslinien, die imaginäre weiträumige Fjord- und Tundra-Landschaften zu beschallen scheinen. Selbst als seine Mitspieler einsteigen, gibt Andersen kein Dezibel nach. Trompete (Tore Johansen, Norwegen), Saxofon (Tommy Smith, Schottland) und Piano (Marcin...

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London Jazzfestival AA Quintet

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The Quintet played at Queen Elisabeth Hall on Saturday November 16. Tommy Smith , Sax. Matthiew Michel ,Trumpet. Marcin Wasilewski, Piano . Patrice Heral ,drums and Arild Andersen ,bass Here are some reviews from the concert. The Arts Desk had this concert as the only one rated 5* from the whole festival THE ARTS DESK London Jazzfestival 2013          READ MORE Matthew Wright ARILD ANDERSEN QUINTET                       ARILD ANDESEN QUINTET . LONDON JAZZ FESTIVAL     READ MORE          Arild Andersen Quintet: pan-European...

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» JazzViews» Celebration

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TUESDAY, 2 OCTOBER 2012 CD Review: ARILD ANDERSON & THE SCOTTISH NATIONAL JAZZ ORCHESTRA/TOMMY SMITH – CELEBRATION   ARILD ANDERSON & THE SCOTTISH NATIONAL JAZZ ORCHESTRA/TOMMY SMITH – Celebration ECM 2259/279 0947 Martin Kershaw (cl, ss, as); Paul Towndrow (as); Tommy Smith (fl, ts); Konrad Wiszniewski (ts); Bill Fleming (bcl, bs); Ryan Quigley, Cameron Jay, Richard Iles, Tom MacNiven (t, fl-h); Chris Grieve, Phil O’Malley, Michael Owers (tb); Lorna MacDonald (b-tb); Steve Hamilton (p); Calum, Gourlay (b); Alyn Cosker (d) Recorded October 2010 What better way to celebrate the...

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Ystad Jazzfestival Orkesterjournalen Sweedwn

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Ystad Jazz Festival august 2012 Arild Andersen’s group is arguably one of the best European teams right now. Finally, we listen to his singing, warm double bass along with a Scottish saxophonist Tommy Smith and Italian drummer Paolo Vinaccia.Ilama, ilama by Tommy Smith, free after a folk song from Yemen, starts and just give the concert wanting more when Arild played «Rossetti». Arild Andersen lets each note subside completely finished with his calm and charisma. Tommy Smith’s powerful and exciting tenor saxophone has a minimalist expression, and can sound hysterical,...

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The trio   Carsten Dahl,Arild Andersen,Jon Christensen opened the festival on Friday March 30  . The audience really loved it and here is a 6 star review ….only in Norwegian, sorry.         Trio-topp på Vossa Jazz VOSSA JAZZ Artist: Carsten Dahl/Arild Andersen/Jon Christensen Hvor: Vossasalen, Park Hotel, Voss Tilskuere: 630  FOTO: TERJE MOSNES KONSERT: VOSS (Dagbladet): Innledningsvis holdt festivalsjef Trude Storheim en kort, verdig minnetale om sambygdingen Ivar Kvåle, mannen bak neverlurhymnen som alltid åpner festivalen. Deretter framførte...

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Recording in Los Angeles

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I just got back from Los Angeles where I recorded with Yelena Eckemoff and Peter Erskine at the fabulous  The Bridge Studios with engineer Rich Breen.

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The Trio : 6 star Review from Tønsberg ( Norwegian Only)

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A unik concert . A rare musical experience. 6/6  Stars

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Sam Rivers

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Here is a Japanese site where some musician tell their story and admiration for Sam Rivers. I played with him at Rivbea studio in New York a lot and my story is included here. The photo is fro Molde International Jazzfestival 1973

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Japan site

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For my friends in Japan Here is a site that might be interesting. I do not know what it says , but since I have been a good boy last year it can´t be too bad. Japan Site  DrillSpin

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New Year 2012

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The new year started with the  good news that the CD  Rheomusi  with Fabiano Araujo trio  was voted among the 10 best records of Brazil 2011.           I will be doing some concerts with my new Quintet this year, and I am writing some new material for the Quintet. The trio with Paolo Vinaccia and Tommy Smith will be busy this year as well, I am looking forward to a creative year  .  

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Music Year 2011

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This year has been a great year for the trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia. We have played concerts in USA, Argentina ,India , Egypt ,Turkey in addition to Europe. I started a quintet with Marcin Wasilewski  piano, Patrice Heral drums, Tommy Smith saxophone and Markus Stockhausen altenating with Paolo Fresu on trumpet.  There are a couple of songs from Kongsberg in the musicplayer. ( Markus on trumpet) I did two concerts with the project «Celebration» together with SNJO at London jazzfestival and at the Molde Jazz festival. We also mixed the concert from Glasgow with this...

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Tour in India

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India The trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia with Mak McKellen as sound producer went to India for 14 days  end of November. We played school concerts in Chennai and Delhi and ended the tour with a concert on Dec 9 at the festival Jazz Utsav in Delhi. It left a very strong impression on us to see how poor people live in earth cottages and with the garbage all over the place and then the very rich palaces for some people… We had a fantastic time however and was very well taken care of by Spic Macay who is an volunteer foundation for Arts and Education. The tour was payed by the...

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Arendal Nov 10, 2011

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A great review from a Concert in  Arendal Nov 10 2011 . In Norwegian only . See some photos in Photo Gallery                              

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Norways no 1 Record of all times.

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This fall there has been a voting where 100 Norwegian musicians from all categories in music have  voted for their 10 favourite recordings of all times in Norway .  The record «Fairytales » with Radka Toneff and Steve Dobrogosz won. I produced the record back in 1982 and it was the first digital recording in Norway recorded 2 track in the «Grieg Hall» in Bergen. Second came the famous popgroup a-ha .  

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Lugano Nov 9 2011

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We played a Quintet concert at the Radio Concert hall  in Lugano Arild Andersen Quintet Tommy Smith Sax , Paolo Fresu Trumpet, Marcin Wasilewski  piano , Patrice Heral Drums It is a great quintet and I will work it as a pool of musicians that I like to play with. All these guys are so busy it will be impossible to have the same lineup all times. In Lugano Paolo Fresu played trumpet. Kongsberg last summer it was Markus Stockhausen This way the quintet will have some fresh inputs every time. More photos in Photo Gallery  ...

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Last week the trio did 3 concerts in Argentina. Buenos Aires ,Cordoba and Rosario . All three jazz festivals .  Fantastic audiences . There are a few photos in the Photo Gallery  from this tour.  

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Check my Videos

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I just added a video from Paris 1972 -73 that someone posted on youtube . Jan Garbarek, Arild Andersen, Edward Vesala,  «Triptykon». Check out my videos here.

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Arild Andersen with SNJO

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Surround Recording in Oslo

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Kongsberg and Molde Jazz Festival

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This summer I had a new quintet at the Kongsberg Jazz Fertival. It was Markus Stockhausen on trumpet ,Tommy Smith saxophone,Marcin Wasilewski piano and Patrice Heral on drums. A really European quintet. It was great fun and I really hope to do more concerts with this quintet. Some  music from this concert will be posted here a little later. At the Molde Festival I played a concert with Thomasz Stanko Quintet  featuring Craig Taiborn piano, Chris Potter sax, and Jim Black drums  .  So nice to play with Thomasz again and those fantastic musicians . Later in the week I had my own trio with...

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