Reviews: Mira (2014)

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ÅRETS SKIVE?    Record of the Year ? Tor Hammerø  Side 2 Det er nok i tidligste laget å utrope årets skive allerede nå, men jeg er ganske så sikker på at “Mira” blir med i tetfeltet når vi nærmer oss slutten av året. Read more All About Jazz .  John Kelman A long overdue and equally impressive follow-up—albeit for different reasons—Mira presents this trio in a different light to its 2008 debut; still, it’s no surprise that Andersen, Vinaccia and Smith prove as capable of darker intents as they do more energetic exchanges. Read More INSTRUMENTAL  Michael S. Clarck A Personal Space: MIRA...

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Stan Getz, Arild Andersen

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Just Friends. Helsinki 1989 Stan Getz ,Sax, Peter Madsen, Piano, Arild Andersen Bass, Ben Riley drums

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Reviews from the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival 2011

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Killing Pain, Not Time: Arild Andersen Trio Live Report I find it difficult to begin any review about Arild Andersen without billing him simply as a “Norwegian bassist.” Succinct though the term may be, it hardly hints at the far reach of his fingertips, bow, and musical vision. A packed house felt some of that reach in the distance he’d so graciously traveled to bring his latest outfit to this year’s Rochester Jazz Fest as part of its “Nordic Jazz Now” series. While the cover of the Fest’s concert guide sported a collage of big names, headlined by Elvis Costello, Natalie Cole, k.d. lang and...

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Review: Tokyo Jazz 2010 (Asahi)

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Masahiko YUH, one of the most experienced music critics in Japan, refers to Arild Andersen Trio and Joshua Redman’s trio as the best two among all the performances played in Tokyo Jazz 2010 in his article in the most influential newspaper ASAHI.

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Reviews: Live at Belleville

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Andersen is a bold soloist with a big tone and an even bigger vision. He indulges in a wide range of expression in this adventurous outing that organically incorporates free jazz, Scandinavian folkoric music, ambient soundscapes, chamber music, frantic freebop, live electronics and even a touch of Ellingtonia. JazzTimes Live at Belleville  Arild Andersen — By Bill Milkowski More than forty years ago, Norwegian bassist, Arild Andersen joined saxophonist Jan Garbarek and the late Finnish drummer Edward Vesala to record the groundbreaking Triptykon (ECM 1972), one of these musicians’ most...

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Kirsten Bråten Berg & Arild Andersen – Drømmehesten

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Composed by Arild Andersen, with elements of traditional folk music. The title means «The Dream Horse». From the concert «Til Radka» (tribute concert to Radka Toneff), August 10, 2009, at the Opera House during Oslo Jazz Festival, Norway. With Arve Henriksen, trumpet, Steve Dobrogosz, piano, Jon Eberson, guitar, Arild Andersen, double bass, Jon Christensen, drums, and Alex Riel, drums.

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Live at Belville (2008)

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Arild Andersen Trio Arild Andersen double-bass, live-electronics Paolo Vinaccia drums Tommy Smith tenor saxophone Independency Part 1 Independency Part 2 Independency Part 3 Independency Part 4 Prelude to a kiss Outhouse Dreamhorse Live recording of Arild Andersen’s exciting new trio, playing in Oslo’s Belleville club and at the Drammen Theatre, spurred on by an enthusiastic crowd. Apart from Duke Ellington’s “Prelude To A Kiss”, played with much feeling by Tommy Smith, the music is all written by Andersen, and it burns. “Live At Belleville” may be Arild’s most powerful trio recording since...

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Radka Toneff «The Butterfly»

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Arranged By, Conductor [Orchestra] – Lasse Bagge (tracks: 13) Double Bass – Arild Andersen (tracks: 1 to 12, 14) Drums – Alex Riel (tracks: 4 to 6), Espen Rud (tracks: 14), Jon Christensen (tracks: 1 to 3, 7 to 12) Guitar – Jon Eberson (tracks: 7 to 12, 14) Orchestra – Norrköping Symphony Orchestra (tracks: 13) Piano – Jon Balke (tracks: 1 to 3, 14), Lars Jansson (tracks: 7 to 12), Steve Dobrogosz (tracks: 4 to 6) Vocals – Radka Toneff

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Alnæs / Andersen / Carstensen “Høstløv”

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1 Try to remember 2:28 2 Høstvisa 5:06 3 Vivaldis Høst (Singing in the rain) 3:02 4 Jeg er havren 3:36 5 Tytebæret 1:32 6 Fields of gold 3:21 7 September song 3:49 8 Harvest moon 1:29 9 Haust 2:32 10 Raindrops keep falling on my head 3:35 11 September in rain 3:18 12 Så länge skutan kan gå 3:35 13 En sommer er over 6:57 14 Autumn leaves

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Reviews: Electra (2005)

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Once spoken of along with Garbarek, Rypdal and Christensen as one of the “Big Four” of Scandinavian jazz, recent developments in the indigenous jazz of this fertile region have produced many new challengers to Andersen’s crown. … Electra amply fulfils the brief for a modern, fluid, and spacious sound-scape. Vocalists join the mix more as a choral texture than for any lyric purpose, leaving Henriksen’s plaintive trumpet as the de facto lead vocalist. … The longest and boldest piece on the disc, it exemplifies the seamless fusion of ancient and cutting edge materials. Andersen’s talents as a...

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Review: Moldejazz 2005

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Mangelsdorff / Andersen / Favre «Triplicity»

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On April 19th, 1979 three seasoned musicians got together for the first and only time at the NDR broadcasting hall in Hamburg, Germany in what was to become a memorable encounter. Along with Albert Mangelsdorff the Norwegian contrabass player Arild Andersen and Swiss drummer Pierre Favre played a concert, that distinguished itself through an unparralled level of spontaneity. That control over the music never got lost in the process, that moreover perfectly shaped pieces arised from petite motifs in free improvisation turned this concert into a highly extraordinary event. Albert Mangelsdorff...

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Snétberger / Andersen / Vinaccia «Nomad»

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Ferenc Snétberger acoustic guitar Arild Andersen double bass, electronics Paolo Vinaccia drums, percussion, electronics Recorded Oslo Rainbow studio February 2005 1. Empathy 05:29 | 2. Childhood 05:10 | 3. Yellow 05:52 | 4. Nomad 04:53 | 5. Song To The East 06:45 | 6. The Fifth Frame 06:31 | 7. Outhouse 04:50 | 8. Waterkiss 03:36 | 9. Move 04:09 | 10. Air 05:43 Total time: 52’58 ORDER NO. ENJ-9485 2 ENJA Records

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Electra (2005)

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Arve Henriksen trumpet Eivind Aarset guitars Paolo Vinaccia drums, percussion Patrice Héral drums, percussion, voice Nils Petter Molvær drum programming Savina Yannatou vocal Chrysanthi Douzi vocal Elly-Marina Casdas chorus vocal Fotini-Niki Grammenou chorus vocal Arild Andersen double bass, drum programming 1. Birth Of The Universe 2. Mourn 3. The Big Lie 4. Chorus I 5. Electra Song Intro 6. Electra Song 7. Electra Song Outro 8. Chorus II 9. 7th Background 10. One Note 11. Whispers 12. Divine Command 13. Clytaemnestras Entrance 14. Loud Sound 15. Chorus III 16. Opening 17. Chorus IV 18. Big...

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Stockhausen / Snétberger / Andersen / Héral «Joyosa»

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Markus Stockhausen, trumpet, flugelhorn – Ferenc Snétberger, classical guitar – Arild Andersen, bass – Patrice Héral, drums, percussion. In 1997 Markus Stockhausen and Arild Andersen started to work as a duo. A year later, they went on as a trio with Patrice Héral. In 1999 Ferenc Snétberger and Markus Stockhausen also formed a duo that was successfully presented on the album «For My People». Later Ferenc also played duo concerts with Patrice in Hungary. Because of the friendly connections between all of them, these four musicians decided to found a quartet in...

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Dahl / Andersen / Heral «Moon Water»

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2004 – Carsten Dahl – Arild Andersen – Patrice Heral. «Moon Water». Stunt Records. Distr.: MusikkLosen.

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Selected Recordings (2004)

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Arild Andersen’s compilation takes a zigzag path through his discography highlighting his own groups, his soloistic brilliance as a bassist and his perceptiveness in recognizing talent in bud. Quite a few musicians received early exposure through Andersen’s efforts. Amongst them: Bill Frisell, Nils Petter Molvær, Jon Balke, Bendik Hofseth, Bugge Wesseltoft and, more recently, Vassilis Tsabropoulos. Andersen’s :rarum also includes encounters with established masters Paul Motian, Kenny Wheeler, and Ralph Towner. «It’s been some fantastic years with ECM, and I feel...

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Reviews: The Triangle (2004)

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Most acoustic jazz pianotrios make the keyboard the central focus.In this one it’s the remarkable double-bass playing of the Norwegian Arild Andersen-a virtuoso who can make a plucked note sound as it might last forever. His musical awareness imparts logic and grace to both his own contributions and the ensemble sound of his group. Triangle is more animated and alert than it’s more ruminative predecessor Achirana. A few of the pieces have unexpectedly direct grooves and catchy hooks, several are romantic,broken-chord drifters echoed by abstract percussion-rustles, but the...

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The Triangle (2004)

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Arild Andersen: double-bass Vassilis Tsabropoulos: piano John Marshall: drums ECM 1752 CD 0440 038 1212 (3) Release: 16th February 2004 “The Triangle” referred to by Arild Andersen in the title of his 15th album as a leader for ECM is one that could be formed by drawing lines on the map to connect Oslo, Athens and London – home bases for the three principals here, musicians who between them pool a great deal of information and channel it into a “European” jazz of their own making. Much has been written in recent seasons about the relative merits of improvising on either side of the...

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Alnæs / Andersen / Carstensen «Julegløggen»

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Catalog no.: FXCD274 Genre: Christmas  

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Dahl / Andersen / Héral «The Sign»

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Carsten Dahl, Arild Andersen og Patrice Héral. Stunt.

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Reviews: Archirana (2000)

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Athenian pianist Vassilis Tsabropoulos is one of those rare musicians who is equally at home in both the classical and jazz worlds. His album Achirana demonstrates that, while noted principally for his prowess as a classical pianist, conductor and composer, he also has much to say in a jazz idiom. Accompanied by Norwegian bassist Arild Andersen and British veteran drummer John Marshall, he has assembled an exquisite record filled with fluid, fluent improvisations, which transport and delight. Sample the fearlessly slow gems «Diamond Cut Diamond» and «Valley» and be...

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Ketil Bjørnstad «Early Years»

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EMACY, 013 271-2(CD). (P)(C)2000 UNIVERSAL MUSIC NORWAY A/S RECORDED: 1970s. RELEASED: 2000, NORWAY All words and music by Ketil Bjørnstad / All tracks produced by Svein Erik Børja. Re-Mastering: Bjørn Engelmann, September 2000, Cutting Room, Stockholm. Cover Design: Håkon Kornstad / Cover Photo: Private, 1979. Recording Studios: Rosenborg Studio, Oslo (4-6,9-14), Arne Bendiksen Studio, Oslo (1-3,7,8) / Engineers: Egil Eide (12-14), Jan Erik Kongshaug (1-3), Hans Petter Danielsen (4-6,9-11), Bjørn Lillehagen (7,8).

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Reviews Karta (2000)

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Das Trio Markus Stockhausen (Trompete) – Arild Andersen (Bass) – Patrice Héral (Percussion) bietet seit Jahren einen neben seinem grenzüberschreitenden, äußerst lebendigen und humorvollen Stil auch immer wieder neue Überraschungen. So lud es vor zwei Jahren mit Terje Rypdal einen Musiker ein, der den elektrischen Gitarrensound weltweit prägte. Es entstand eine neue Musik, die diese vier virtuosen Künstler auf ihrer ECM-Veröffentlichung KARTA und fortan auch auf zahlreichen Jazzfestivals erfolgreich präsentierten. So urteilte die Frankfurter Rundschau (am 6. November 2001): „Für...

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Stockhausen / Andersen / Rypdal / Héral «Karta»

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Markus Stockhausen, Arild Andersen, Terje Rypdal and Patrice Héral. «Karta» is a Sanskrit word meaning «higher power». For Markus Stockhausen, in the present context, it signals a music greater than the sum of its parts: «The outcome of this recording took us all by surprise,» he says. The participants had never previously played as a quartet, yet some of them share a lot of history. In the case of Arild Andersen and Terje Rypdal, that history goes back more than 30 years. Other inter-relationships are of more recent vintage… In 1996, German...

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Archirana (2000)

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Achirana» marks the debut of a new trio, formed by ECM bassist of the first hour Arild Andersen and featuring, alongside veteran drummer John Marshall, Greek pianist Vassilis Tsabropoulos in his first recording for ECM. Likely to be hailed as a veritable ?discovery? in jazz circles, Tsabropoulos has long been recognised as an exceptionally gifted performer in other idioms. To quote Vladimir Ashkenazy, «Vassilis Tsabropoulos possesses rare talent». He has a reputation as a classical pianist, an interpreter of 19th and 20th century music, and as a conductor, and there is...

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Sam Rivers «Trio Live»

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Ooriginal title: «There is no Energy Crises». Rec live in Molde 1973 Sam Rivers ts,ss, fl. Arild Andersen bass Barry Altchul dr.

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Andersen / Alnæs / Carstensen «Sommerbrisen»

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Kirkelig Kulturverksted/ARS FXCD198 Luftig, sommerlich, leicht. Eben eine »Sommerbrise«. Song-Titel wie »Det Går En Vind«, »Sommerflørt« oder »Visa Vid Midsommartid« sind also geradezu programmatisch für diese zeitlos-fröhliche CD, die leichtfüßig zwischen Volkstanz und Jazz tänzelt. Bei Arild Andersen schnurren die Bass-Seiten schmeichelnd, Frode Alnæs lässt sowohl federleichte Melodien aus seiner akustischen Gitarre tröpfeln als auch zerrende Soli kreischen, Akkordeonist Stian Carstensen addiert charmantes Pariser Chanson-Flair. Und Oslos Top-Toningenieur Jan-Erik Kongshaug sorgte nicht...

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Hyperborean (1997)

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In Greek mythology, the Hyperboreans were a race who inhabited the northern portion of the earth, beyond the great mountains whose caverns were thought to send forth the blasts of the north wind that chilled the people of Hellas. The Hyperboreans were especially favoured by the god of light, Apollo, whose mother Leto had been born amongst them. For three months of each year, it was said, Apollo would leave Delphi and join these northerners, travelling through the sky in a chariot drawn by swans. From the legend, Arild Andersen notes, it is clear enough that the ancient Greeks had an inkling...

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Bendik Hofseth «Planets, Rivers and … Ikea»

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SONET / VERVE FORECAST, 531 234-2(CD). (P)1996 BENDIK HOFSETH (C)1996 SONET NORWAY. RELEASED: 1996, NORWAY All music and lyrics written by Bendik Hofseth. Mixed by Ulf W.Ø.Holand at Lydlab Studios. Recorded at Rainbow, Lydlab, Låven and Grotten Studios, all Oslo Norway Mastering: Bel Digital Norway.  

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