The Year started with a tour of Latin America with my trio featuring Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia. We played the Panama Jazz Festival , and went to Guatemala for some concerts.img_3754


In April I did a live recording with Helge Lien on piano and Gard Nilsen on drums for a series called European Jazz Legends . Here is a video from the mastering I was very flattered to be asked to be part of this. The record is called «The Rose Window» . Recorded for Intuition, Germany.
The trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia did a tour of UK in May and US/Canada tour en of June.
At Rochester Jazzfestival I met an old friend, John Abercrombie….

With John Abercrombie

July 2 we played at Le Poisson Rouge . This is the basement of the old Village Gate in Bleecker Street NYC
Here is a link to the video of the trio concert at Le Poisson Rouge .

Review in New York City Jazz Record from the concert;
«Lets hope Donald Trump doesen´t start fixating on building a wall to keep out Norwegian Bass players».

We played some festivals in the summer and Garana in Romania was as quartet with Helge Lien on Piano.
New York Jazz Records By Tom Conrad:
The greatest set of the festival came at the right time: last. In bassist Arild Andersen’s quartet (Tommy Smith, tenor saxophone; Helge Lien, piano; Paolo Vinaccia, drums), everyone fills a role, profoundly.

I also did some concert as soloist with the Norwegian big band Denada .
Some concerts in Scotland with SNJO playing the music of Mingus.
A recording with English guitarplayer John Bailey  and ended the concert season with two shows with Marcin Wasilewski ,piano and Al Foster on drums.


                              Happy New Year









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