Arild Andersen trio is arguably one of the best European team right now.


Ystad Jazz Festival august 2012 Arild Andersenʼs group is arguably one of the best European teams right now. Finally, we listen to his singing, warm double bass along with a Scottish saxophonist Tommy Smith and Italian drummer Paolo Vinaccia.Ilama, ilama by Tommy Smith, free after a folk song from Yemen, starts and just give the concert wanting more when Arild played «Rossetti». Arild Andersen lets each note subside completely finished with his calm and charisma. Tommy Smithʼs powerful and exciting tenor saxophone has a minimalist expression, and can sound hysterical, messy and then well fit into Arilds ton coils. The Dream Horse get Smith the opportunity to show just the opposite. Lyrical and dreamy he initiates with his flute, which he should pick up more than once.No jazz festival without Alfie, and here it is in Andersenʼs fine vintage, giving the concert change of pace and dynamics. Paolo Vinaccias drumming synchronized well with the other members of the group sound. Everything fits like a glove – the trio has toured for years with these pieces of music. This is very evocative music that renews jazz and creates curiosity. Lasse Seger

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  1. The excellent tempo and dynamics of each sound endow jazz with special energy. The group members are laid out in full force to show the high level of the festival.

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