“ the sheer depth and lustre of this trio’s sound can invite you to start purring in grateful imitation.»
GUARDIAN 2014 John Fordham

«with Mira, the possibilities possess an evolved simpatico, greater attention to space and more expansive, expressive vernacular.»
ALL ABOUT JAZZ 2014 John Kelman

«It is Andersenʼs skill as a composer of ballads that provides itʼs strongest cornerstone.»
INSTRUMENTAL 2014 Michael S.Clark

“Sounding much greater than the sum of its parts, the trio establish a degree of empathy that is quite astonishing.”

“Record of the year already in January ?”
SIDE 2 Tor Hammeø

“Smith’s saxophone, with its rich and vibrant tone, snakes smoothly around the muscular melodic bass lines of the masterful Andersen, while Vinaccia’s drumming is always just perfect for each evolving musical moment. “

“ They sustain the more reflective atmosphere in compelling fashion. The Norwegian bass player is a master on his instrument, and his rich sonority, harmonic ingenuity and flowing improvisations lie at the heart of the trio’s intricate three-way conversation. “
SCOTSMAN Kenny Mathieson

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