ÅRETS SKIVE?    Record of the Year ?

Tor Hammerø  Side 2
Det er nok i tidligste laget å utrope årets skive allerede nå, men jeg er ganske så sikker på at “Mira” blir med i tetfeltet når vi nærmer oss slutten av året.
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All About Jazz .  John Kelman
A long overdue and equally impressive follow-up—albeit for different reasons—Mira presents this trio in a different light to its 2008 debut; still, it’s no surprise that Andersen, Vinaccia and Smith prove as capable of darker intents as they do more energetic exchanges.
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INSTRUMENTAL  Michael S. Clarck
A Personal Space: MIRA by Arild Andersen, Paolo Vinaccia and Tommy Smith
Mira A is a red giant in the constellation of Ceti and can be seen from Earth, often with the naked eye. It is a variable star whose luminescence fluctuates over time, and its name is derived from the Latin for “wonderful” or “astonishing”. There is much on this Mira that is wonderful, with more than a few astonishing moments.
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Jazz Echo
Die Ruhe nach dem Sturm: Arild Andersen, Paolo Vinaccia und Tommy Smith mit neuem Album “Mira”
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 Jazzcamera  John Watson
When I first heard this trio in concert some years ago I was hugely impressed. Like many reviewers, I had been familiar with the work of bassist Arild Andersen and saxophonist Tommy Smith for a very long time, though drummer Vinaccia was new to me at the time of that first concert.
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BlogPost Tim Niland
This particular group had a wonderful performance on the album Live At Belleville from 2009 where the group of Arild Andersen on bass, Tommy Smith on tenor saxophone and shakuhachi, and Paolo Vinaccia on drums where they gave an explosive performance that made my top ten for that particular year.
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Discs: Young the Giant, Arild Andersen, Barbara Levy Daniels and Donna Vivino
Mira  [ECM]
Funny thing about Norwegian bassist Arild Andersen. At age 68, his international profile has been raised to the highest point it has probably ever been. And that’s despite his near ubiquity in European jazz over the decades and frequent appearances on ECM.
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