Tommy Smith Sax  ,Markus Stockhausen  Tp  ,
Marcin Wasilewski piano , Arild Andersen bass  ,Patrice Heral dr.

The Fox.   .





  1. Hi Arild, remember me? Paula, Maxine Sullivan’s daughter. I like your video. Hoping all is well with you. I am doing well at this end. It has been a long time. I was thinking about our time on the SS Norway and found your website. Still listening to lots of music and taking a course in jazz at Lincoln Center with Larry Ridley. All the best and keep swinging.

    • Hi Paula I remember ,but is it such a long time ago .Great to hear you are doing well . All the best.Arild

    • Hello Paula,

      I’ve been listening to a mix of your mother’s music all morning. She was a gift to us, and I miss her sweet crooning. What are you up to? I’m retired in Florida, singing those amazing old songs.

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