Anyone who has experienced a wide grinning Arild Andersen bass bent over in interaction with the world’s leading jazz musicians never forget it.
That describes Arild Andersen and that he experienced Friday in backyard on Canal Street.
There was no doubt that this was a game, an exstremely well playing game, who commanded the jazz that came almost by itself. The audience got what they came for one of the best jazz musicians who gave of themselves. The interaction with the other two, Tommy Smith (1967) and Paolo Vinaccia (1954) were as expected in the top. These three gentlemen have been playing a lot and it is clear to both make and hear.
A concert in the backyard provides an intimate experience that musicians understand and utilize. There was plenty of contact between musicians and audience, and it was really a special concert. Rarely have backyard sounded so jazzy and compelling, more pleasing sound you have to look long for.



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