Quintet at Kongsberg JazzfestivalPatrice Heral

The quintet started out as an idea to connect the musicians I have been working with the last 10 years .

It comes from three trios.


Carsten Dahl, Patrice Heral, Arild Andersen

Markus Stockhausen,Patrice Heral, Arild Andersen

Arild Andersen,Tommy Smith, Paolo Vinaccia


Patrice has also subbed for Paolo  in my trio several times.

This is all some of my favorite musicians  and from this I wanted to

form a New  Quintet

Marcin Wasilewski , who I worked with this winter came in on piano.

I did not work with a Jazz Quintet  like this since my band “ Masqualero” 1982-92

The quintet started with a concert at Kongsberg Jazzfestival 2011


Patrice Heral

Marcin Wasilewski


Markus Stockhausen

The quintet is now


Arild Andersen               Norway, Bass

Patrice Heral                 France, Drums

Marcin Wasilewski        Poland, piano

Tommy Smith                Scotland,saxophone

Markus Stockhausen    Germany, trumpet



These are all very busy musicians so there will be some alterations now and then.

The music we play is my compositions  picked from recordings like » Electra» , «Hyperborean» , » Sagn » , » Aero»,  » The Triangle»  and new material will be added as we go.


Tommy Smith Arild Andersen














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