On April 19th, 1979 three seasoned musicians got together for the first and only time at the NDR broadcasting hall in Hamburg, Germany in what was to become a memorable encounter. Along with Albert Mangelsdorff the Norwegian contrabass player Arild Andersen and Swiss drummer Pierre Favre played a concert, that distinguished itself through an unparralled level of spontaneity. That control over the music never got lost in the process, that moreover perfectly shaped pieces arised from petite motifs in free improvisation turned this concert into a highly extraordinary event. Albert Mangelsdorff has been quoted as maintaining that «this ist the most thrilling trio recording» of his entire career. Truly a remarkable statement when one considers the timeless milestones his history has to offer.

Produced by Michael Naura & Albert Mangelsdorff
Recorded: April 19th, 1979
Albert Mangelsdorff Trombone
Arild Andersen Bass
Pierre Favre Drums

1. Triplicity Albert Mangelsdorff – K Pierre Favre – K 2. Soulbird Albert Mangelsdorff – K 3. Warbling Warbler Albert Mangelsdorff – K 4. Out House Arild Andersen – K 5. Virgin Green Of Spring Albert Mangelsdorff – K 6. Green Shading Into Blue Arild Andersen – K 7. Subconscious Skylark Albert Mangelsdorff – K 8. Brief Impressions Of Brighton Albert Mangelsdorff – K 9. Perpetual Lineations Albert Mangelsdorff – K 10. Ancore Ex Tempore Albert Mangelsdorff – K Arild Andersen – K Pierre Favre – K

SKIP Records – SKP 9052-2

Press Quotes:

No. 6 in the German Jazz Charts!

Frankfurter Rundschau, June 05:

«Albert’s best trio. The CD documents one of the glorious moments of free European jazz in the late 20th century, a moment whose brilliance has not waned and will continue to shine well into the 21st century.»

All About Jazz, July 05:
«The combination of these three musicians is a fascinating one. A superb album.»

Stereo, July 05:
«CD of the Month – No audible accompanists or soloists on this album. No one upstages the others, and yet each of the three remains a key playmaker.»

Fono Forum, July 05:
«CD of the Month – Moments to remember

Music Manual, August 05:
«Triplicity is a rare example of jazz improvised ideally. 5 Stars. Very Good.»

Stereoplay, July 05:
«10 pieces of awesome intensity and timeless freshness. A milestone of European jazz.»

Jazzthing, August 05:
» In terms of the music, the most interesting live trio session of his career.»

Jazzeitung, July 05:
«Inspired recordings arose in the making. What was once avant-garde is still up-to-date today. Timeless.»

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