CD: POWER BROS. PB 00113, 1991

1. DIALOGUE (Stanko/Andersen) 2.31 2. DAADA (Stanko) 3.56 3. UNDER THE VOLCANO (Stanko) 5.02 4. BLUISH (Stanko) 8.04 5. IF YOU LOOK ENOUGH PART II (Andersen) 3.58 6. BOSANETTA (Stanko) 8.40 7. THIRD HEAVY BALLAD (Stanko) 6.06 8. MY W.S.B. FRIEND (Stanko) 6.51 9. IF YOU LOOK ENOUGH PART I (Andersen) 3.06

Recorded October 1991 at Christian Music Studio, Wisla, Poland. Tomasz Stanko – trumpet, Jon Christensen – drums, Arild Andersen – acoustic and electric bass. Recording engineers: Paul D.Griffith, Andrzej Prugar. Cover design: Witold Popiel. Produced by Krzysztof Popek and Tomasz Stanko. Special thanks to Mariusz Adamiak and Elzbieta Szczerba for their creative help. Thanks also to Royal Norwegian Embassy.

This already widely admired record is a creation of three free style masters: the famous trumpet player and composer Tomasz Stanko and two Norwegians – bassist Arild Andersen and drummer Jon Christensen. Six compositions by Stanko and three by Andersen form together a logical sequence, an entity in a larger sense. Wrote British reviewer in «The Wire»: «Stanko developed his own, highly integrated, transparent style. The music on this record is really absorbing, the execution-impressive».

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