Happy New Year 2014

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The new trio record  «MIRA» with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia is finally  ready for release. It will be out worldwide January 17 .
I always wanted to do a studio ballad record .

Arild Andersen
Paolo Vinaccia
Tommy Smith    Mira

Arild Andersen double bass, electronics
Paolo Vinaccia drums
Tommy Smith tenor saxophone, shakuhachi

Le Saleya
Eight and More

Recorded December 2012

ECM 2307


After the eruptive excitement of their Live At Belleville album, which was widely praised around the world (and secured for leader Arild Andersen the Prix du Musicien Européen 2008 from the Academie du Jazz in France), the trio now delivers a studio album. In Oslo’s Rainbow, bassist Andersen, tenorist Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia rechanneled their music’s energies into a programme of soulful ballads and mid-tempo free-floating sound explorations. The pairing of Anderson’s muscular bass and Smith’s vaulting tenor is exceptionally compelling (as the recent “Celebration” album also confirmed). Most of the tunes on “Mira” are from Arild’s pen, though his cohorts also contribute material, and there is an unexpected interpretation of Burt Bacharach’s “Alfie”, beautifully played by Tommy Smith here.

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Release Date: January 17th, 2014


Arild Andersen Trio at Queens Hall , Edinburgh

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Rewiew     Opportunities to hear major international jazz artists outside of a festival context have become rather rare in Scotland, which made this week’s visits from this stellar European trio all the more welcome.

The Trio in Stirling November 2013

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Where The Wild Things Are – The Arild Andersen Trio live at Stirling Tolbooth

AA Trio Stirling Nov 2013 .Read More


AA TStirling

Jazz can be an intimidating environment for the uninitiated. Strange unfamiliar shapes tend to leap out at you from unexpected places, pull your hair and then disappear from whence they came. Certainly, they are mysterious and powerful, but they mean you no harm. The Arild Andersen Trio featuring Paolo Vinaccia (drums) and Tommy Smith (saxophone and Japanese flute) seemed mild-mannered enough, but it soon transpired that they have a touch of the wildness about them too.

The upright bass is something of a beast itself but it is safe enough in the firm grasp of Andersen’s strong grip. Nevertheless, the ECM veteran chose to open first with a tender touch, as if to placate the instrument and reassure the audience of the group’s intentions. Reperate began with a slow-bow cetaceous song played over a self-sampled loop. I once heard the naturalist Gerald Durrell describe the humpback whale as “An Underwater Cathedral”. I don’t think he was much into jazz, but I think he would have been fascinated to hear his description paraphrased by Arild Andersen.




Arild Andersen / Tommy Smith / Paolo Vinaccia.

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«Science»  Played by Arild Andersen trio . Cosmopolite ,Oslo November 25 ,2012

Arild Andersen / Tommy Smith / Paolo Vinaccia.

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This is a live recording from Oslo November 2012 . The song «Blussy» was also recorded for our new trio CD for ECM.

New Video Arild Andersen Quintet at Oslo Jazzfestival 2012

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By Arild Andersen   recorded August 18, 2012  at Oslo jazzfestival. Tommy Smith ,Markus Stockhausen,Marcin Wasilewski, Arild Andersen,Patrice Heral

A new video with Arild Andersen Trio

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Mira         By Arild Andersen recorded  November 2012 with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia