Scotland/ England Trio Tour May 2016

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In addition to these dates there is a concert  at Ronnie Scotts Club in

London Saturday May 21 where Helge Lien will join us on piano.

Arild Andersen Trio Poster Arild Andersen Trio Poster A4 Final

European Jazz Legends

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April 15, 2016 I will play a concert at Güterslo Theater, Germany   . This is a series of concerts they call European Jazz Legends and consists of 15 European musicians each doing a concert over a periode of 3 years.. I am very pleased to be asked to do this in a series that also include Miroslav Vitous and Henry Texier of european bassplayers.

I will perform this evening with Helge Lien on piano and Gard Nilssen on drums .

Infos at this webpage.

TV show in South Korea

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From a TV show in Seoul ,South Korea October 2014 

Arild Andersen trio featuring Paolo Vinaccia and Tommy Smith

Arild Andersen Sextet plays Mingus . Oslo Jazzfestival 2014

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 Oslo Jazzfestival  presents
«Mingus i Aulaen»
Arild Andersen Sextet

Mathias Eick                  trumpet
Petter Wettre                 ten sax, bassclarinet
Klaus Ellerhusen Holm  altsax,bassclarinet
Bugge Wesseltoft          piano
Arild Andersen               bass
Gard Nilssen                  drums

Press Reaction. The new cd «MIRA» ecm 2307

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“ the sheer depth and lustre of this trio’s sound can invite you to start purring in grateful imitation.»
GUARDIAN 2014 John Fordham

«with Mira, the possibilities possess an evolved simpatico, greater attention to space and more expansive, expressive vernacular.»
ALL ABOUT JAZZ 2014 John Kelman

«It is Andersenʼs skill as a composer of ballads that provides itʼs strongest cornerstone.»
INSTRUMENTAL 2014 Michael S.Clark

“Sounding much greater than the sum of its parts, the trio establish a degree of empathy that is quite astonishing.”

“Record of the year already in January ?”
SIDE 2 Tor Hammeø

“Smith’s saxophone, with its rich and vibrant tone, snakes smoothly around the muscular melodic bass lines of the masterful Andersen, while Vinaccia’s drumming is always just perfect for each evolving musical moment. “

“ They sustain the more reflective atmosphere in compelling fashion. The Norwegian bass player is a master on his instrument, and his rich sonority, harmonic ingenuity and flowing improvisations lie at the heart of the trio’s intricate three-way conversation. “
SCOTSMAN Kenny Mathieson

Happy New Year 2014

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The new trio record  «MIRA» with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia is finally  ready for release. It will be out worldwide January 17 .
I always wanted to do a studio ballad record .

Arild Andersen
Paolo Vinaccia
Tommy Smith    Mira

Arild Andersen double bass, electronics
Paolo Vinaccia drums
Tommy Smith tenor saxophone, shakuhachi

Le Saleya
Eight and More

Recorded December 2012

ECM 2307


After the eruptive excitement of their Live At Belleville album, which was widely praised around the world (and secured for leader Arild Andersen the Prix du Musicien Européen 2008 from the Academie du Jazz in France), the trio now delivers a studio album. In Oslo’s Rainbow, bassist Andersen, tenorist Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia rechanneled their music’s energies into a programme of soulful ballads and mid-tempo free-floating sound explorations. The pairing of Anderson’s muscular bass and Smith’s vaulting tenor is exceptionally compelling (as the recent “Celebration” album also confirmed). Most of the tunes on “Mira” are from Arild’s pen, though his cohorts also contribute material, and there is an unexpected interpretation of Burt Bacharach’s “Alfie”, beautifully played by Tommy Smith here.

ECMPlayer      ORDER CD

Release Date: January 17th, 2014


Arild Andersen Trio at Queens Hall , Edinburgh

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Rewiew     Opportunities to hear major international jazz artists outside of a festival context have become rather rare in Scotland, which made this week’s visits from this stellar European trio all the more welcome.