Molde jazzfestival 2017. Pat Metheny Trio

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Pat Metheny , Gard Nilssen ,Arild Andersen  ...

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Concerts Fall 2017

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Upcoming Concerts July 19          Molde Jazz Festival.  Norway                  Pat Metheny , Arild Andersen, Gard Nilssen August  27.   Dracula Festival, Bran Romania.     Danielle de Bonaventura, Arild Andersen ,Paolo Vinaccia Sept 1        Hadeland Jazzclub , Brandbu ,Norway        Arild Andersen sextet Sept  2       Hr.Nilsen  Jazzclub. Oslo ,Norway.                Arild Andersen sextet Sept  4.       Hemnesberget, Norway                                Arild Andersen sextet Sept 5.       Ad Lib Jazzclub.  Bodø ,Norway                    Arild Andersen sextet Sept  6.      Arktisk Kultursenter. , Hammerfest, Norway  Arild Andersen sextet Sept  7.      Tromsø Jazzclub, Tromsø Norway                  Arild Andersen sextet Sept 9        Gjøvik Jazzforum    Gjøvik, Norway                Arild Andersen sextet Sept  18.    Haugesund   , Norway                                    Solo Sept   23.  Cafe Oto , London, England                           Solo Sept  27.   Porto , Portugal                                                 Solo Oct.   12     Saarbrucken ,Germany        Arild Andersen trio w Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia Oct.  13.     Bayreuth.        Germany.      Arild Andersen trio w Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia Oct   14.     Braunschweig  Germany.     Arild Andersen trio w Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia Oct  19     Blue Note   Sandefjord, Norway      Arild Andersen trio w/ Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia Oct  21    Dølajazz.   Lillehammer ,Norway.  Arild Andersen trio w/ Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia Oct.   26     Blue Lamp, Aberdeen ,Scotland.  Kirsten Bråten Berg , Gard Nilssen,Helge Lien Nov 15.      Cosmopolite. ,Oslo , Norway Arild Andersen Quartet  w/  Makoto Ozone,Tommy Smith,Paolo...

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Molde Jazzfestival 2017

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 Pat Metheny /Arild Andersen/Gard Nilssen At Molde Jazzfestival 19/7- 2017  ...

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Arild Andersen /Tommy Smith/Paolo Vinaccia

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Coming to the legendary Montmartre club in Copenhagen   February 16-17-18  ...

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2016 Some Memories

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The Year started with a tour of Latin America with my trio featuring Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia. We played the Panama Jazz Festival , and went to Guatemala for some concerts. In April I did a live recording with Helge Lien on piano and Gard Nilsen on drums for a series called European Jazz Legends . Here is a video from the mastering I was very flattered to be asked to be part of this. The record is called «The Rose Window» . Recorded for Intuition, Germany. The trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia did a tour of UK in May and US/Canada tour en of June. At Rochester Jazzfestival I met an old friend, John Abercrombie…. July 2 we played at Le Poisson Rouge . This is the basement of the old Village Gate in Bleecker Street NYC Here is a link to the video of the trio concert at Le Poisson Rouge . Review in New York City Jazz Record from the concert; «Lets hope Donald Trump doesen´t start fixating on building a wall to keep out Norwegian Bass players». We played some festivals in the summer and Garana in Romania was as quartet with Helge Lien on Piano. New York Jazz Records By Tom Conrad: The greatest set of the festival came at the right time: last. In bassist Arild Andersen’s quartet (Tommy Smith, tenor saxophone; Helge Lien, piano; Paolo Vinaccia, drums), everyone fills a role, profoundly. I also did some concert as soloist with the Norwegian big band Denada . Some concerts in Scotland with SNJO playing the music of Mingus. A recording with English guitarplayer John Bailey  and ended the concert season with two shows with Marcin Wasilewski ,piano and Al Foster on drums.                               Happy New Year              ...

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Scotland/ England Trio Tour May 2016

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In addition to these dates there is a concert  at Ronnie Scotts Club in London Saturday May 21 where Helge Lien will join us on piano. Arild Andersen Trio...

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European Jazz Legends

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April 15, 2016 I will play a concert at Güterslo Theater, Germany   . This is a series of concerts they call European Jazz Legends and consists of 15 European musicians each doing a concert over a periode of 3 years.. I am very pleased to be asked to do this in a series that also include Miroslav Vitous and Henry Texier of european bassplayers. I will perform this evening with Helge Lien on piano and Gard Nilssen on drums . Infos at this...

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Arild Andersen trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia

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An update for the Arild AndersenTrio.  

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TV show in South Korea

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From a TV show in Seoul ,South Korea October 2014  Arild Andersen trio featuring Paolo Vinaccia and Tommy Smith

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Arild Andersen Sextet plays Mingus . Oslo Jazzfestival 2014

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 Oslo Jazzfestival  presents «Mingus i Aulaen» Arild Andersen Sextet Mathias Eick                  trumpet Petter Wettre                 ten sax, bassclarinet Klaus Ellerhusen Holm  altsax,bassclarinet Bugge Wesseltoft          piano Arild Andersen               bass Gard Nilssen                ...

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Press Reaction. The new cd «MIRA» ecm 2307

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“ the sheer depth and lustre of this trio’s sound can invite you to start purring in grateful imitation.» GUARDIAN 2014 John Fordham «with Mira, the possibilities possess an evolved simpatico, greater attention to space and more expansive, expressive vernacular.» ALL ABOUT JAZZ 2014 John Kelman «It is Andersenʼs skill as a composer of ballads that provides itʼs strongest cornerstone.» INSTRUMENTAL 2014 Michael S.Clark “Sounding much greater than the sum of its parts, the trio establish a degree of empathy that is quite astonishing.” JAZZ VIEWS Nick Lea “Record of the year already in January ?” SIDE 2 Tor Hammeø “Smith’s saxophone, with its rich and vibrant tone, snakes smoothly around the muscular melodic bass lines of the masterful Andersen, while Vinaccia’s drumming is always just perfect for each evolving musical moment. “ JAZZCAMERA .UK John Watson “ They sustain the more reflective atmosphere in compelling fashion. The Norwegian bass player is a master on his instrument, and his rich sonority, harmonic ingenuity and flowing improvisations lie at the heart of the trio’s intricate three-way conversation. “ SCOTSMAN Kenny Mathieson Full...

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Happy New Year 2014

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The new trio record  «MIRA» with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia is finally  ready for release. It will be out worldwide January 17 . I always wanted to do a studio ballad record . Arild Andersen Paolo Vinaccia Tommy Smith    Mira Arild Andersen double bass, electronics Paolo Vinaccia drums Tommy Smith tenor saxophone, shakuhachi Bygone Blussy Alfie Rossetti Reparate Raijin Le Saleya Kangiten Mira Eight and More Stevtone Recorded December 2012 ECM 2307 Background After the eruptive excitement of their Live At Belleville album, which was widely praised around the world (and secured for leader Arild Andersen the Prix du Musicien Européen 2008 from the Academie du Jazz in France), the trio now delivers a studio album. In Oslo’s Rainbow, bassist Andersen, tenorist Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia rechanneled their music’s energies into a programme of soulful ballads and mid-tempo free-floating sound explorations. The pairing of Anderson’s muscular bass and Smith’s vaulting tenor is exceptionally compelling (as the recent “Celebration” album also confirmed). Most of the tunes on “Mira” are from Arild’s pen, though his cohorts also contribute material, and there is an unexpected interpretation of Burt Bacharach’s “Alfie”, beautifully played by Tommy Smith here. ECMPlayer      ORDER CD Release Date: January 17th, 2014...

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Arild Andersen Trio at Queens Hall , Edinburgh

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Rewiew     Opportunities to hear major international jazz artists outside of a festival context have become rather rare in Scotland, which made this week’s visits from this stellar European trio all the more welcome.

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The Trio in Stirling November 2013

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Where The Wild Things Are – The Arild Andersen Trio live at Stirling Tolbooth AA Trio Stirling Nov 2013 .Read More   Jazz can be an intimidating environment for the uninitiated. Strange unfamiliar shapes tend to leap out at you from unexpected places, pull your hair and then disappear from whence they came. Certainly, they are mysterious and powerful, but they mean you no harm. The Arild Andersen Trio featuring Paolo Vinaccia (drums) and Tommy Smith (saxophone and Japanese flute) seemed mild-mannered enough, but it soon transpired that they have a touch of the wildness about them too. The upright bass is something of a beast itself but it is safe enough in the firm grasp of Andersen’s strong grip. Nevertheless, the ECM veteran chose to open first with a tender touch, as if to placate the instrument and reassure the audience of the group’s intentions. Reperate began with a slow-bow cetaceous song played over a self-sampled loop. I once heard the naturalist Gerald Durrell describe the humpback whale as “An Underwater Cathedral”. I don’t think he was much into jazz, but I think he would have been fascinated to hear his description paraphrased by Arild Andersen.    ...

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Arild Andersen / Tommy Smith / Paolo Vinaccia.

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«Science»  Played by Arild Andersen trio . Cosmopolite ,Oslo November 25 ,2012

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Arild Andersen / Tommy Smith / Paolo Vinaccia.

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This is a live recording from Oslo November 2012 . The song «Blussy» was also recorded for our new trio CD for ECM.

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Review Of «Celebration» New York City Jazz Records

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New Video Arild Andersen Quintet at Oslo Jazzfestival 2012

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Saturday        By Arild Andersen   recorded August 18, 2012  at Oslo jazzfestival. Tommy Smith ,Markus Stockhausen,Marcin Wasilewski, Arild Andersen,Patrice Heral

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A new video with Arild Andersen Trio

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Mira         By Arild Andersen recorded  November 2012 with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia

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Videos with Arild Andersen Quintet at Oslo jazzfestival 2012

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See videos here

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2012 is at it´s end. It has been a  good and busy  year. In December I recorded a new trio cd  with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia. It will be released on ECM in October. We recorded at  Rainbow studio in Oslo with Manfred Eicher and Jan Erik Kongshaug. The  concert at Oslo Jazz Festival with Arild Andersen Quintet was selected «Concert of the Year» in Norwegian paper Dagbladet. A Great review in DOWN BEAT  for the cd » Celebration» . » Conspire to make  it one of the best albums of the year.If the recording quality were just a tad  brigther –  five stars. It was captured live.           The Cd » Space is the Place»  with Carsten Dahl and Jon Christensen  was selected record of the year in Danish newspaper » Politiken» It came second as record of the year in Dagbladet ,Norway.           The recording » Quiet Winter Night » I made with Jan Gunnar Hoff and others is nominated for US Grammy for best surround recording. Recoded by Morten Lindberg,...

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Down Beat 4 1/2 stars for «Celebration»

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My New Jean Auray Bass with a Lion Head

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Arild Andersen Quintet Oslo Jazz Festival

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      GREAT EVENING WITH A GREAT BAND Arild Andersen’s International Quintet debut was with his current crew at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival last summer, when the Polish pianist Marcin Wasilewski replaced Danish Carsten Dahl in about the time it takes to pack a bag and get from Warsaw to Kongsberg in the quickest manner. Now he is in the band, along with Andersen’s three partners for many years, the Scottish saxophonist Tommy Smith, the German trumpeter Markus Stockhausen and the French drummer Patrice Héral.Saturday night the band ended the Oslo Jazz Festival in front of a packed national jazz scene, Victoria. High-level It was a quality conclusion in the style of Tony Bennett, the festival’s opening act: high-level music-making that in spite of the unimpeachable authority seems effortless, playful and at times lit up by the initial glee and pure joy of playing. Without comparison, in general, Tony Bennett and Arild Andersen carry several common qualities, most strikingly the ability to maintain the inherent melodic qualities of their instruments for a life-long process that will never get in the way of the music.In that sense, Andersen – proudly presented his brand new bass with an awesome lion head – among his like-minded musicians Saturday evening. Lush Neither Wasilewski is a man of large, shade-throwing gestures as he takes the music out of the soft tone their density, and Stockhausen, with and without electronics and mute, played vigorously and less academic than I can remember having heard him. His soli was a great listening pleasure, and the same can be said of Smith’s expressive explosiveness, controlled with tastefulness and sense of dynamic whole. When Héral confirmed that he is an immensely charming virtuoso of a drummer / percussionist / abrupt humorist, it would only be a great concert of it, with, inter alia, «Lucia,» «Saturday» and «The Fox» as old friends, plus compositions (presumably Andersen?) who, at least to my ears were new. Among them were «Rosetti», named after a place in the old town of Nice and began solo by Andersen with one of the minuet from Bach’s first cello suite. As appropriate to a band that embraces so much of Europe and European music in its essentially American-founded expression. Terje Mosnes...

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Reviews of » Celebration»

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Some great reviews has been published  on » Celebration» You find them  here

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My new cd for ECM is now released .  Live recorded in Glasgow October 2010  Scottish National Jazz Orchestra directed by Tommy Smith Buy...

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A tribute to the music of ECM

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CELEBRATION ARILD ANDERSEN SCOTTISH NATIONAL JAZZ ORCHESTRA directed by Tommy Smith  MAY DANCE 6:21 Dave Holland arranged by Christian Jacob MOLDE CANTICLE [part 1] 8:50 Jan Garbarek arranged by Tommy Smith CRYSTAL SILENCE 10:07 Chick Corea arranged by Makoto Ozone ULRIKAS DANS 11:15 Trygve Seim arranged by Trygve Seim & Øyvind Brække INDEPENDENCY IV 17:00 Arild Andersen arranged by Mike Gibbs MY SONG 7:51 Keith Jarrett arranged by Geoffrey Keezer Recorded 16th October 2010   Stevenson Hall, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Recorded by Mark McKellen.   Mixed by Jan Erik Kongshaug  24th September 2011 Produced by Manfred Eicher Buy  CD    ECM The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra...

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Recording in Los Angeles

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I just got back from Los Angeles where I recorded with Yelena Eckemoff and Peter Erskine at the fabulous  The Bridge Studios with engineer Rich...

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Space Is The Place

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New  Cd   Carsten Dahl / Arild Andersen / Jon Christensen Space is the Place  ALBUM: Førstkommende fredag kveld spiller Carsten Dahl, Arild Andersen og Jon Christensen åpningskonsert på den 39. Vossa Jazz, og mye rart skal skje om ikke noen titler fra det blodferske albumet «Space is the Place» står på settlista. Uansett har festivalpublikum i Vossasalen på Park Hotel atskillig å se fram til av både tettvevd og eventyrlystent samspill. DEN danske pianisten og tidenes internasjonalt mest meritterte norske bass/trommer-par var plateaktuelle med «Short Fairytales» i 2006, og Dahl og Andersen har siden ofte vært å høre sammen i ulike konstellasjoner, både på scenen og cd. Christensens idiomatiske trommespill integrert i uttrykket resulterer i en trioegenstemme som gjør «Space is the Place» til et svært «helt» album, så «helt» at du formelig hører hele trioen også når Dahl spiller solo.   En annen årsak til den markante identiteten er antakelig Dahls retningsgivende rolle. Han er kreditert samtlige låter, men langs de linjene han måtte ha trukket opp improviseres det friskt og noen ganger svært fritt mellom tre jevnbyrdige «øyeblikkskomponister». «Pianist+komp»-syndromet får dermed aldri etablere seg, men naturlig nok tar Dahl hyppigst melodifører- og improvisatorrollen. Teknisk er han åpenbart i stand til å utføre alt som fortolkeren i ham måtte ønske seg. Siden Andersen og Christensen heller ikke er synderlig hemmet uttrykksmessig, ender «Space is the Place» som et mangefasettert og mangefarget album med melodier, fripartier, klangrariteter, Bach-vrengninger og diverse stemningsskifter – og til sjuende og sist som et moderne jazzalbum på det nivået der trioene til Keith Jarrett, Brad Mehldau og en liten håndfull andre stort sett befinner seg.  Plateselskap: Storyville/Musikklosen  ...

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» Blackbird Bye Bye »

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New cd out  Live at Kongsberg Jazzfestival 2010  . Jan Erik Vold reads poems by Wallace Stevens. Bill Frisell guitar , Arild Andersen bass                                                                                                                                      ...

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