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This strange times. My concerts will be annonced on Facebook this summer and fall .

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» The New York City Jazz Record»

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  ALBUM OF THE YEAR  2018           ARILD ANDERSEN—In-House Science (ECM) NELS CLINE 4—Currents, Constellations (Blue Note) PHILLIP JOHNSTON—The Adventures of Prince Achmed(Asynchronous) LEE KONITZ/DAN TEPFER—Decade (Impulse) KUKURUZ QUARTET—Julius Eastman Piano Interpretations (Intakt) JOHN McLAUGHLIN & THE 4TH DIMENSION (WITH JIMMY HERRING & THE INVISIBLE WHIP)— Live in San Francisco (Abstract Logix) GARD NILSSEN’S ACOUSTIC UNITY— Live in Europe (Clean Feed) BARRE PHILLIPS—End To End (ECM) MARC SINAN/OGUZ BÜYÜKBERBER—White (ECM) ALEXANDER VON SCHLIPPENBACH...

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UPCOMING CONCERTS WINTER 2019 I am happy to announce some of the concerts with the AA trio are with  the addition  of Carsten Dahl on piano. We also have 3 concerts where the Trio is featured with SNJO. I also look forward to the duo concert with Uli Beckerhof and the continued duo with Daniele di Bonaventura. Tour Sweden and Denmark 4.2 Sundsvall – Jazzklubben/E-Street Arild Andersen Quartet with Tommy Smith,Paolo Vinaccia ,Carsten Dahl  5.2 Östersund – Jazz i Jemtland/Gamla Teatern Arild Andersen Quartet with Tommy Smith,Paolo Vinaccia ,Carsten Dahl  6.2 Stockholm –...

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Concerts Winter 2019

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  Happy new Year Here are some concerts coming up in the winter. 4/2. Sundsvall. Sweden Arild Andersen Quartet with Tommy Smith,Paolo Vinaccia ,Carsten Dahl

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Science From CD In-House Science ECM records 2018

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      2. Science From CD In-House Science ECM released 2018 - Arild...

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In-House Science. Released ECM March 23, 2018

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Concerts October/November 2018

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19/10 . Dølajazz Festival, Lillehammer    Norway Arild Andersen Quartet with Marius Neset,Helge Lien, Haakon Mjåset Johansen 20/10  Dølajazz festival, Norway Trio with Amund Kleppan and Marius Neset 22/10.  Control Club , Bucharest  Romania Arild Andersen trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia 25/10. Corno di Rosazzo  , Italy Arild Andersen trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia 27/10   Trollhättan Festival, Sweden Arild Andersen trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia 9/11    Szeged , Hungary Duo Arild Andersen/Danielle Di Bonaventura...

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Concerts August/ September 2018

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15/8  Sanremo jazzfestival  . Arild Andersen Quartet feat .Tommy Smith ,Paolo Vinaccia ,Makoto Ozone 18/8   Oslo jazzfestival . Solo Sentralen 18:00 25/8   Grepperud Gård ,Bjørkelangen with Helge Lien,Marius Neset, Håkon Mjåset Johansen 5/9.    Josefine Vertshus,Oslo  . Duo Kirsten Bråten Berg ,Arild Andersen 12/9   Røverstaden, Oslo Arild Andersen trio  with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia 13+14+15 /9   Montmartre Jazzhouse , Copenhagen . Arild Andersen trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia.  ...

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Press Reaction In -House Science

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Press clip In-House Science   Down Beat  Few trios even after a decade together ,can build musical landscapes this dramatic and richly detailed  Andy Herman Jazz Times It is hard to think of a jazz ensemble that waste fewer notes than bassist Arild Andersen´s trio . Even at its most passionate , this music reveals structure,focus and clarity. Thomas Conrad Jazzwise They have built up both learned and intuitive responses to each others’ playing, usually called ’empathy’, a vital ingredient for the essence of jazz to flourish by inspiring confidence and risk-taking....

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Arild Andersen Trio with Guest Makoto Ozone

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Japan Concerts Spring 2018 Blue Note ,Tokyo  March 18+30 . Nagoya Blue Note March 31 Motion Blue Yokohama April 1

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Concerts Spring 2018

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SNJO plays Mingus   feat. Arild Andersen 26/1  Ronnie Scotts ,London Arild Andersen trio feat. Helge Lien and Gard Nilsen 6/3   Unterfahrt ,   Germany 7/3.  Energimølla  Kongsberg , Norway 8/3.   Bø, Norway 9/3.   Moss, Norway 10/3. Tønsberg , Norway Duo Daniele di Bonaventura  bandoneon,  Arild Andersen bass 17/3  Macerata Jazz ,  Teatro Lauro Rossi.    Italy Arild Andersen quartet feat .Helge Lien, Marius Neset.Gard Nilssen 23/3. Opening concert at  Vossajazz , Voss Norway Arild Andersen trio feat .Tommy Smith ,Paolo Vinaccia with Guest Makoto Ozone  29/3. Blue Note          Tokyo ,Japan...

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Updated Concert calendar for spring 2018 

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Molde jazzfestival 2017. Pat Metheny Trio

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Pat Metheny , Gard Nilssen ,Arild Andersen    

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Concerts Fall 2017

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Upcoming Concerts July 19          Molde Jazz Festival.  Norway                  Pat Metheny , Arild Andersen, Gard Nilssen August  27.   Dracula Festival, Bran Romania.     Danielle de Bonaventura, Arild Andersen ,Paolo Vinaccia Sept 1        Hadeland Jazzclub , Brandbu ,Norway        Arild Andersen sextet Sept  2       Hr.Nilsen  Jazzclub. Oslo ,Norway.                Arild Andersen sextet Sept  4.       Hemnesberget, Norway                                Arild Andersen sextet Sept 5.       Ad Lib Jazzclub.  Bodø ,Norway                    Arild Andersen sextet Sept  6.      Arktisk...

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Molde Jazzfestival 2017

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 Pat Metheny /Arild Andersen/Gard Nilssen At Molde Jazzfestival 19/7- 2017    

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Arild Andersen /Tommy Smith/Paolo Vinaccia

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Coming to the legendary Montmartre club in Copenhagen   February 16-17-18   2017

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The Rose Window

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Arild Andersen Bass  . Helge Lien Piano  . Gard Nilsen drums Recorded Live April15 , 2016 at Theater Gütersloh,Germany . Part of a series called European Legends Rose Window Science The Day Outhouse Hyperborean Dreamhorse Interview with Arild Andersen

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2016 Some Memories

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The Year started with a tour of Latin America with my trio featuring Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia. We played the Panama Jazz Festival , and went to Guatemala for some concerts. In April I did a live recording with Helge Lien on piano and Gard Nilsen on drums for a series called European Jazz Legends . Here is a video from the mastering I was very flattered to be asked to be part of this. The record is called «The Rose Window» . Recorded for Intuition, Germany. The trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia did a tour of UK in May and US/Canada tour en of June. At Rochester...

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Concerts Summer 2016

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  Date Time Place Land Venue Group June 4 2100  Luneburg Germany  Kulturforum Arild Andersen trio w/ Tommy Smith ,Paolo Vinaccia June 26  1930+2130  Rochester Jazzfestival USA  Nordic Jazz Now Seies Arild Andersen trio w/ Tommy Smith ,Paolo Vinaccia  June 27  1900  Ottawa Jazzfestival  Canada  National Arts Center Arild Andersen trio w/ Tommy Smith ,Paolo Vinaccia  June 29  20+2130 Edmonton Jazzfestival  Canada  Yardbird Suite Arild Andersen trio w/ Tommy Smith ,Paolo Vinaccia  June 30  tba  Vancouver Jazzfertival  Canada  Ironworks Arild Andersen trio w/ Tommy Smith ,Paolo Vinaccia...

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Scotland/ England Trio Tour May 2016

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In addition to these dates there is a concert  at Ronnie Scotts Club in London Saturday May 21 where Helge Lien will join us on piano. Arild Andersen Trio Poster 

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European Jazz Legends

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April 15, 2016 I will play a concert at Güterslo Theater, Germany   . This is a series of concerts they call European Jazz Legends and consists of 15 European musicians each doing a concert over a periode of 3 years.. I am very pleased to be asked to do this in a series that also include Miroslav Vitous and Henry Texier of european bassplayers. I will perform this evening with Helge Lien on piano and Gard Nilssen on drums . Infos at this webpage.

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Arild Andersen trio with Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia

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An update for the Arild AndersenTrio.  

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TV show in South Korea

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From a TV show in Seoul ,South Korea October 2014  Arild Andersen trio featuring Paolo Vinaccia and Tommy Smith

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Arild Andersen Sextet plays Mingus . Oslo Jazzfestival 2014

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 Oslo Jazzfestival  presents «Mingus i Aulaen» Arild Andersen Sextet Mathias Eick                  trumpet Petter Wettre                 ten sax, bassclarinet Klaus Ellerhusen Holm  altsax,bassclarinet Bugge Wesseltoft          piano Arild Andersen               bass Gard Nilssen                  drums

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Interview Jazz Podium ,Germany May 2014

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Interview With German Magazine Jazz Podium May 2014 Der norwegische Bassist Arild Andersen isr ein Meister des vollendeten Tons. Mit größter technischer Perfektion und akkurater lntonation fließen die Töne mit sonorer Kraft und makello- ser Eleganz scheinbar mühelos aus dem Griffbrett seines Kontrabasses. Dabei wirkt sein Spiel niemals angestrengt, sondern eher spielerisch leicht, selbst in musikalischen Situationen und Umgebungen, wo Musiker mit weniger Erfahrung eher mit zupacken  der Kraft in die Saiten greifen würden. Der sympathische Bassist ist eine der gestaltenden Säulen der...

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Interview for Jazzthetik

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Interview for Jazzthetik, Gemany Full interview    

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Shri Sriram and Arild Andersen

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Two basses Meeting for the first Time. January 2014. Live at Victoria Jazzclub ,Oslo . Buggge Wesseltofts  birthday celebration. Shri Sriram and Arild Andersen

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Review Ystad Jazzfestival

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Arild Andersen trio is arguably one of the best European team right now. ORKESTERJOURNALEN SVERIGE Ystad Jazz Festival august 2012 Arild Andersenʼs group is arguably one of the best European teams right now. Finally, we listen to his singing, warm double bass along with a Scottish saxophonist Tommy Smith and Italian drummer Paolo Vinaccia.Ilama, ilama by Tommy Smith, free after a folk song from Yemen, starts and just give the concert wanting more when Arild played «Rossetti». Arild Andersen lets each note subside completely finished with his calm and charisma. Tommy Smithʼs powerful and...

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Press Reaction. The new cd «MIRA» ecm 2307

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“ the sheer depth and lustre of this trio’s sound can invite you to start purring in grateful imitation.» GUARDIAN 2014 John Fordham «with Mira, the possibilities possess an evolved simpatico, greater attention to space and more expansive, expressive vernacular.» ALL ABOUT JAZZ 2014 John Kelman «It is Andersenʼs skill as a composer of ballads that provides itʼs strongest cornerstone.» INSTRUMENTAL 2014 Michael S.Clark “Sounding much greater than the sum of its parts, the trio establish a degree of empathy that is quite astonishing.” JAZZ VIEWS Nick Lea...

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AA Quintet in Münster

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We had a great evening at Theater Münster last Sunday (06/01/14) with the Quintet. Fantastic venue and audience. Münsersche Zeitung Erster unter Gleichen Mit dem Auftritt des norwegischen Bassisten Arild Andersen und seiner Band öffnet sich das Klangspektrum auf Superbreitwandformat. Andersen eröffnet das Set mit lang gezogenen, kräftigen Basslinien, die imaginäre weiträumige Fjord- und Tundra-Landschaften zu beschallen scheinen. Selbst als seine Mitspieler einsteigen, gibt Andersen kein Dezibel nach. Trompete (Tore Johansen, Norwegen), Saxofon (Tommy Smith, Schottland) und Piano (Marcin...

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